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The Research Experience for Veteran Undergraduates is an intense, 9-week summer program   hosted by Yale University where enlisted U.S. veteran undergraduate students perform research in a STEM field of their interest and develop skills necessary to become a research scientist.

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"REVU puts ‘boots on the ground’ to get vets research experience"

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Meet The REVU Team

Professor Marla Geha

Program Director

Dr. Geha is a Professor in the Astronomy Department and Physics Department at Yale University and the Director of Yale Telescope resources. Dr. Geha uses the world's largest telescopes to study the Universe's smallest galaxies. Her research focuses on the origin and evolution of dwarf galaxies with the goal of using these objects to answer fundamental questions in astrophysics and cosmology. Dr. Geha serves on the Board of Directors of the Warrior Scholar Project.

Jeremy Bradford, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Dr. Bradford is the Program Manager for REVU. Since completing his Ph.D. in astronomy, he has worked in the Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning as the Assistant STEM Education Program director and is currently the Curriculum and Assessment manager for the Warrior-Scholar Project . He is interested in creating, implementing, and improving curricula using both modern teaching methods and real-world applications, particularly in support of nontraditional and underrepresented students.

Kate Schilling, Ph.D.

Dr. Schilling is an associate research scientist and lecturer based out of the department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at Yale. She works within the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage to investigate deterioration mechanisms affecting cultural heritage collections and develop monitoring strategies for the preventative conservation of material culture. As the bridge between the School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Yale collections, she also creates coursework, research, and extracurricular opportunities for Yale undergraduate students to engage with the collections from a scientific and engineering perspective.

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"I am forever grateful for a program like REVU. If I never would have applied or been accepted, I probably would not be considering a Ph.D. program right now. It was a great experience to show myself that I can be a contributing member in a real lab environment. A huge problem that veterans face in academia is imposter syndrome and feeling like they don't belong. The REVU program gives us a real chance of proving to ourselves that we can succeed."


- Frederick Cordova, U.S. Navy Veteran, Columbia University, 2019 REVU Fellow

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