REVU Fellows

REVU Fellows
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Identifying Low-Mass AGN Using Spectra

Professor Marla Geha's research group, 2020 (virtual) fellow

William Hernandez

After graduating from high school, Will enlisted in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator. Following ten years of active duty service, he separated from the Navy and went back to school with help from the Warrior-Scholar Project. He is currently studying Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Colorado-Boulder. During the summers, he continues to support the Warrior-Scholar Project so he can continue to help other veterans as they work towards their higher education goals. In his spare time, Will enjoys listening to music, reading books, jogging, and playing video games. Ultimately, he would like to find a way to share his love of astronomy with youth groups composed of people that are typically underrepresented in the sciences, with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion within the field of Astronomy.

Daniel Allen Headshot.jpg

Anisotropic Properties of the Upper Mantle Beneath New England

Professor Maureen Long's research group, 2019 fellow

Daniel Allen

Daniel enlisted in the Army in 2012 and served as a rifleman in 2nd Ranger Battalion, as well as a Sniper in the 101st Airborne Division. After separating from the Army, he worked as an Animal Packer for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Daniel is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in geology at Highline Community College in Washington. He plans to attend graduate school after graduation. Daniel was a member of the varsity wrestling team and 2019 NJCAA National Championships participant and he is an avid mountain biker and rock climber.

DeLia Kennedy Headshot.JPG

The Fight Against Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

Professor Michael Caplan's research group, 2019 fellow

DeLia Kennedy

DeLia Kennedy is currently working on her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology at Hampton University. Immediately after high school she joined the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, VA where she served four years at sea as a personnel specialist. Her Navy experience was adventurous and very beneficial to her personally. DeLia holds associate degrees in Science and Social Science from Tidewater Community College. After graduation from Hampton University, DeLia is planning to attend medical school and pursue a career in the medical field and is particularly interested in pathology with an ultimate goal of becoming a forensic pathologist.

Freddy Cordova Headshot.jpeg

Tracking the Drosophila’s Movement When Faced with a Chasm

Professor Damon Clark's research group, 2019 fellow

Frederick Cordova

Frederick Cordova was born and raised in San Diego. He has served in the United States Navy as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician where he gained the knowledge and expertise on the safe rendering of a variety of conventional and unconventional explosives. After a successful career in the Navy, Frederick is now attending Columbia University to study Computer Science with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. He is also an active member of Columbia's Military Veteran Organization and a first string member of Columbia's Rugby team.

Haris Gargovic Headshot.jpg

The Role of miRNAs in Regulation of Chromatin Bivalency

Professor Bluma Lesch's research group, 2019 fellow

Haris Gargovic

Haris Gargovic was born in Skokie, Illinois where he resided until he was eighteen. After graduating early from Niles West High School, he joined the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer. While serving in the Marine Corps, Haris spent time stationed in North Carolina and Okinawa, Japan where he attended Coastal Carolina Community College and University of Maryland University College. After separating from the Marine Corps in 2018, Haris attended the Warrior-Scholar Project STEM program at Yale University. Haris attended Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois where he served as the Vice President of Student Veterans Club and Club Officer of Sustainability Club. Haris now attends Yale University.

Jared Fox Headshot.jpg

Optimizing the Study of Quantum Optomechanics in Super Fluid Liquid Helium

Professor Jack Harris's research group, 2019 fellow

Jared Fox

Jared Fox is currently a student at El Camino College in Torrance, California. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran where he spent five years working as a ground electronics technician, specializing in microminiature repair. Jared attended the Warrior-Scholar Project STEM program at Yale University in 2016. He plans to transfer to a four-year institution in the fall of 2020 in pursuit of a degree in electrical engineering. After college, Jared plans to use his degree to pursue a job in research in the defense industry. During his free time, Jared enjoys learning about computer programming.

Justin Jensen Headshot.jpg

Mapping molecular and cellular events during dermal condensate differentiation

Professor Peggy Myung's research group, 2019 fellow

Justin Jensen

Compelled by the events of 9/11, Justin enlisted in the U.S. Army. After basic training, Justin had the opportunity to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course. Justin completed the rigorous training, earning the coveted Green Beret. While in the military, Justin had the profound experience of medically treating the casualties of war. Having to solve problem sets in the domain of medicine gave Justin a great respect for science, humanity, and the ability to offer hope to people in hopeless situations. These new-found passions lead to Justin leaving the active duty military to pursue a degree as a Pre-Med Biology student. Justin currently attends Baylor University with plans to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a healer. As a healer, Justin plans to impact his community as a humanitarian leader by providing services that give people hope during times of hopelessness.

Teresa Carter Headshot.jpg

Using Growth Curves to Quantify Bacterial Resistance to Phage

Professor Paul Turner's research group, 2019 fellow

Teresa Carter

Teresa Carter is originally from Long Beach, California and currently resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Teresa is a twenty-six-year-old Marine Veteran. She attends Middle Tennessee State University and studies psychology/pre-medicine. Teresa is a student worker in the college’s chemistry department, the veteran's center, and the President of the college’s student veteran organization. She has a passion for helping fellow veterans with social and emotional issues. After college, Teresa plans to become a psychiatrist so she can continue assisting veterans and their families.