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REVU History

Veterans represent a diverse and underserved undergraduate population. Research experience is a critical part of undergraduate science training, increasing post-graduate persistence. The goal of the Research Experience for Veteran Undergraduates (REVU) program is to recruit, train, and retain U.S. enlisted veteran undergraduates interested in STEM fields through enhanced research fellowships.

Funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) with a grant obtained by PI Marla Geha at Yale University in Fall 2018, the REVU program seeks to expand the Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) STEM program and foster a community of Warrior Scholars. The REVU program has the potential to impact both individual student-veterans and the wider scientific community. To learn more about the specifics of the REVU program, click here.

Timeline of the REVU Program

  • Summer 2012: First WSP humanities bootcamp run at Yale University for 9 students

  • Summer 2015: Pilot WSP STEM program at Yale University

  • Summer 2016: WSP STEM program run at Yale University and Oklahoma State University

  • Summer 2017: WSP STEM program expanded to 4 campuses

  • Summer 2018: WSP STEM program expanded to 7 campuses

  • Fall 2018: Dr. Geha obtained HHMI funding for the REVU program

  • Summer 2019: First REVU program at Yale University

  • Summer 2020: Virtual program pilot

  • Summer 2022: Second REVU program at Yale University

  • Summer 2023: Third REVU program at Yale University

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