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About REVU

The Research Experience for Veteran Undergraduate (REVU) is a 9-week summer research program at Yale University designed for Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) alumni and enlisted U.S. military veterans. Select research fellows will work directly with Yale faculty and researchers on a project aligned with their scientific interests. In addition to their research project, fellows will also engage in an active professional development program aimed at developing the skills necessary to become successful STEM researchers both in the REVU program and at their home institutions.

Program Objectives

Fellows will:

  • gain confidence in performing scientific research,

  • develop relationships and collaborations with peers & mentors,

  • be prepared to become campus leaders at their home institutions,

  • apply learned problem solving techniques,

  • maintain excitement and curiosity in science,

  • improve written and verbal communication skills,

  • learn to read scientific literature,

  • develop technical skills related to their scientific field, and

  • be more likely to obtain a job in a STEM related field.



Fellows will join a research group on Yale’s campus led by a senior faculty member. In these research groups, fellows will join in open-ended research projects, develop skills in their scientific field, enjoy active mentoring with campus researchers, read literature relevant to their project, and collaborate with other REVU fellows. The REVU program culminates in a poster presentation of your research for the Yale community.


Research Program

Applicants to the REVU program will select their preferred research projects that align with their scientific interests. Fellows will be assigned to 1 of these projects based on both preference and availability. As a REVU fellow, you will spend 9 weeks working with Yale faculty and researchers exploring the project’s scientific background, developing a research question, performing experiments & data analysis, and documenting & presenting your results. You will be closely mentored throughout the program by members of the Yale community.


Professional Development Program

Fellows will participate in a professional development workshop series for students beginning research in science. The program will be facilitated by Yale researchers.

This series will cover:

  • establishing a good relationship with a research mentor,

  • becoming a member of a research community,

  • defining research hypothesis and research questions,

  • developing research project outlines and scientific abstracts,

  • searching for & reading scientific articles,

  • documenting your research,

  • avoiding plagiarism,

  • imposter syndrome, and

  • communicating science effectively.



The REVU program is free and fellows will receive a weekly stipend. Up to $1,000 will be reimbursed for travel expenses to/from New Haven. Living expenses (housing and meals) are also covered by the program.

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