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Frequently Asked Questions

Will REVU run on campus in 2024?

Yes, we will run a full on campus program in 2024.


What are the COVID-19 Protocols I have to follow to attend the REVU program?

All REVU fellows will need to follow Yale campus COVID protocols. You can learn more here .

How much does the program cost?

There is no charge for attending the REVU program and all living expenses are covered while on Yale’s campus. Travel is reimbursed up to $1,000 and you will also receive a weekly stipend.


I don't have any research experience, am I a good candidate?

Absolutely! The REVU program is designed for candidates just starting out with research.

I have some bad grades on my transcript, should I still apply?

Yes, especially if you have better grades in classes from more recent semesters or from classes in your major/STEM. You will also be given an opportunity to make a note on your transcript during the application process.


What will a typical day in the program look like?

Your schedule will be built around your research group’s schedule. Most days will be full of working on your research project and collaborating with your mentor and other students. We will also hold group events, lunches, and professional development sessions for fellows throughout the summer. Evenings and weekends will typically be free.


What if a project in my research field of interest isn’t available this summer?

If you aren’t interested in an available research program, we encourage you to reach out to us at The REVU program is an opportunity to explore a variety of STEM fields, so we encourage you to read about the projects available and consider any option that might interest you. We may be able to match you to a research program that aligns with your interests after you have been admitted to the REVU program.


What if I’m not sure which research project I am interested in?

We strongly recommend reading about the available research programs. It may also be a great idea to speak to your personal mentors and professors at your school for guidance.

I can’t commit to the entire summer program, should I still apply?

You are still encouraged to apply, but please let us know what dates you will be unavailable in the application. We give strong preference to students who can attend the full 9 weeks and will not consider applications from those who will miss more than 1 week.


How do I chose who writes my letters of recommendation?

We advise choosing letter writers with whom you have a strong relationship with and who can speak to your motivation, academic history, and character.


I am currently enrolled at a community college, should I still apply?

Absolutely, we encourage everyone enrolled in a STEM-related discipline at an accredited institution to apply for the REVU program.


Email with additional questions.

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