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Resources for research and education.
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Beyond the Beakers

A guide developed by Dr. Gayle R. Slaughter from the Baylor College of Medicine. This book is designed  to, "help undergraduates understand and prepare for entering graduate school in the sciences or engineering."


REVU uses this guide during our professional development program. Fellows read excerpts and discuss reading assignments together each week.

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Entering Research

In the REVU program, we use the Entering Research: A Facilitator's Manual to run workshops for our fellows. These workshops, "help structure the independent research experience, and help students overcome these challenges. These workshops introduce students to the culture of research, teaching valuable research skills, and alleviating some of the work of faculty and lab personnel associated with mentoring novice researchers."

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Research Posters 2.0

A recent NPR article discussing a new #betterposter design format. This article can spawn a great discussion on the purpose of research posters, the best format for communicating science results, and why we may or may not want to take this route. What do you think of this approach?

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